2012 Medal of Hope Award

The 2012 recipient of the COPP Medal of Hope award is Cynthia Mos.

Years ago we had a television show on kctv5 called Destination Hope, and I was one of the winners of the original Medal of hope that they gave out. I can still remember how they ambushed me at a restaurant on the Country Club Plaza and gave me that medal with cameras rolling catching my every move for their television show. I can still remember how proud I was of being a winner of that medal. I was given that medal for the hope I showed Kansas city’s poor and homeless,; The hope that their lives might change for the better because of the work I did to try and give them a hand up instead of just a hand out. Now we at COPP extend this tradition and will give our first Medal of Hope award. Only one Medal Of Hope Award will be given out each year. Congratulations and Appreciation goes out to Cynthia Mos, this years recipient. You are so deserving of this recognition!

Let me share a few words about Cynthia and why she deserves this award: First off, Have you ever tried to feed a couple of thousand people? Better yet not just feed them, but figure out what you need to do that task, figure out the grocery list, and then cook the food, and then serve the people? For most people getting through that one time, would be a hair razing experience, but not for Cynthia. She’s done it dozens of times for us.

She has been a lifesaver for us over the years; As a matter of fact we would find it almost impossible to do without her. Recently she moved to the lake away from Kansas city, and we still find ourselves having to call her for lists of what we need to buy to do our events. God forbid we ever lose our landline with her! Have you ever met a person that can make something out of nothing? She’s made some concoctions of different foods stuffs that taste better than you would get in a restaurant . But the real meaning of what this lady brings to the table is simply LOVE AND COMMITMENT for those brothers and sisters that are down and out and hurting. She gives them the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. That is just part of the reason she’s our 2012 Medal Of Hope winner.