2012 COPP’s Compassion Award Winners

The people that win these awards do so because they have shown the true meaning of the word compassion, by doing everything in their power to show their love for their brothers and sisters. They go above and beyond what would be considered community service to help those hurting on our streets, and show to the world that there are those that walk the walk, not just talk the talk, when it comes to helping their brothers and sisters that are hurting in our community.

I would like to introduce them and tell you a little bit about each one and how they were picked to receive the award.

Planet aid of Kansas City

I received a phone call a couple years back from the manager of planet aid here in Kansas City. He was interested in helping us supply the needy with the materials to help them survive on the streets. Since that call , they have provided materials that we have been able to give out to the poor of our community they not only have donated clothing but they have helped us by placing pods at various locations to collect clothing for us to give out. they take it a step farther they deliver the clothing to us and they even bring their crew to help us at the events. And I believe this company and their employees truly deserves the 2012 compassion award.

Rose Whorton

I can not say enough about Rose. Over the years she has put in countless hours doing everything from our bookkeeping to volunteer coordinator, to sweeping the floors to separating materials. I can truly say that the homeless in our community are truly blessed to have a lady like this that has the compassion she has for them. And we are truly blessed to have this special angel working with us.

Dawn Marriott

Dawn is our volunteer coordinator, who I affectionately call ” Baby Girl”. While we do not always see eye to eye, she’s a workaholic, and over the last few years, she’s a big part of what makes the events work. Personally when she shows up I have learned to back up and let her have her way for the most part! (ha ha). Not only does she more or less run the show, she also donates countless funds to help the events work. You might say the young lady has my back so to speak. Don’t you know I have angels all around me?

Thomas S. Parkinson

When you talk about compassion, I can’t think of anyone else that shows it as much as this gentleman. Thom and his sons, drive clear from Iowa to help us feed and clothe the poor of Kansas City. He comes to every event. Not only does he come down and work, but a lot of times he brings donated meat that we feed the homeless with.

William R Bartelt – Coyote Bill

Years ago when I started having my events I put out a call for musicians to play music at our events. The first person to show up was Coyote Bill and his band. He then put out the word to other local musicians to come down and help us by playing for free at the events. He has played at several of our events and he has also done benefits for us to raise money and clothing for Kansas City’s poor and homeless.

The Cheap Dates Band

It’s not often that you can talk one of the top bands in our community in to playing for the poor and homeless for nothing, but the homeless in Kansas City are very lucky. “The Cheap Dates” have played at our events for the last few years. They are probably one of the best bands in our community. The crowd loves their music and their entertainment makes our event the celebration of community that it should be.