Please Help Us Help Them

To my brothers and sisters at Unity Of Overland Park , And All Others That Has Helped Over The Years.

I realize I haven’t been able to visit you lately, and you may think I’ve fallen off the end of the Earth? I assure you though that is not the case. I have had many things happen to me over the last few months, both physically and emotionally, and for the first time in about 30 years, I’m not able to do the annual Survival Event.

But I still need your support, both with winter clothing to give away on Wednesday November 26, at the Brush Creek Community Center at 3801 Emanuel Clever 2 Blvd. Care Of Poor People is working with another group (Voices Of The People) to do the same type of event to feed and clothe our Poor and Homeless Brothers and sisters on Wednesday the 26th.
If you have winter type warm clothing, hygiene articles, Coats, Hats, or any warm clothing for Men, Women, or children, they will be accepting donations at the Brush Creek Community Center on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday between 10am and 6pm, also if you would like to volunteer to help feed and give out materials on the 26th you can sign up there.

On a related matter, I’m sure many of you have seen me giving out gloves, and other lifesaving materials all winter long like long john underwear, as I’ve said many times I can only give out what I’m given, A large part of the money we are given we go out and buy these materials to hand out to the poor This year we have had very little in monetary donations come in as a matter of fact were just getting by, so I’m asking those that can help us with a tax deductible contribution to please think about the work we do and help us out, if you would like to send us a tax deductible gift through the mail please send the check to Care Of Poor People 3606 East 12th street, Kansas City MO 64127, or you could make a donation on the COPP INC Web Site Pay Pal account. At I thank you all for reading and hope you respond, God has always come through especially when things have looked bad.

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