New Approch To Help House The Poor Of Our Community

A new approach to help Kansas city’s homeless Survive? As most are aware for over 30 years Care Of Poor People has done everything possible to provide the materials the poor and homeless need to survive. In todays world many not for profits give tax rite offs for used cars and other materials to help the poor, most of those car donations and trucks and the like are used to sell for money to run their programs.

We at Care Of Poor People, would like to try a new experiment? Do you have a older rv or truck camper that  you would like to donate for a tax write-off ? In fair shape? that we could house the poor and homeless in? If you do please call the director of Care Of Poor People and let him know about it. Were also trying to find abandoned property’s that we could set one or two campers in on concrete drive ways or parking lots were we could set them up to help those hurting, if you have any ideals please call Richard G Tripp at COPP INC at 816-920-6119 or email him at

One Volunteers Thoughts!

Sitting here tonight VERY TIRED after an awesome event today. My feet and my back hurt, but my heart is awed by the hard work of all who worked soooooooo hard to pull this event together. Worked with ALOT OF AWESOME UNPAID VOLUNTEERS who pitched in to all work together to reach out to a lot of people today who needed to know somebody cared. AND ALL OUR HARD WORK SENT A MESSAGE LOUD AN CLEAR THAT… THERE ARE SOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE WHO CARE!!!!!!  When we all bring our special gifts and skills together; be it muscles for lifting, organizational skills for planning, caring hearts finding a way to help hold a bag, carry a tray or cook and serve food, construction guys building a ramp to make sure everyone could get in, teens who did WHATEVER we ask them to do without complaining, guys loading and unloading the trucks and then loading and unloading them again, and even the little ones who helped retrieve the stored bags in the parking lot with the biggest smiles on their faces…..when we all work with each other, lift each other up, and join hands together, not only are we a blessing to others, BUT WE ARE BLESSED in return.

Thank you to all those we didn’t meet personally who gave the donations.  Thank you to all of you for the time taken out of your own personal lives this weekend to come serve others when you could have been relaxing at home or shopping like so many chose to do!  IT WAS A PLEASURE AND AN HONOR TO HAVE WORKED WITH AND BESIDE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somewhere tonight, there are people on the streets in our city a little warmer both physically and emotionally in the thought that for today anyway, THEY WERE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!  And each and every one who worked so tirelessly for this event helped make that happen.

Thanks To Everyone That Helped In The Survival 13 Event

For the first time in 30 years thanks to our helpers, all the poor and homeless brothers and sisters were treated to Long John Underwear.

Next Event          Spring Break 2014  Saturday April 19, 2014

Flo Harris Foundation Matching Grant

We are blessed that the Flo Harris Foundation has decided to give us a matching grant of $3,000 for the Survival 13 event on Saturday November 30, 2013.

In a letter dated November 19, 2013, they have informed us that they would match  any cash donation up to $3,000 between now and the event date.  So won’t you please donate whatever you can so we can take advantage of this matching grant to help us pay the bills?  You can help us take advantage of this grant in two ways.  Either go on our web site and donate through our PayPal account, or send us a check to Care Of Poor People, 3606 East 12th Street, Kansas City MO, 64127. Monetary donations are really down this year and this matching grant would go a long way in helping us to help Kansas City’s poor and homeless.

Winter is knocking on the door and we are still in desperate need of winter coats and funding

It looks like winter will be here Friday, and we are still in need of  winter coats for Kansas City’s poor and homeless brothers and sisters.We are coming up short on winter coats for men, women, and children, along with other materials that we need to make Survival 13 a success.

COPP Inc, was started 30 years ago for one main purpose- to save the lives of those hurting on the streets of our community, by providing the materials the poor and homeless need to keep them from dying from winter’s wrath. Today, 30 years later, that is still our purpose; it hasn’t changed. What has changed though is the number of people that are hurting in our community.

I realize there are a lot of different charities asking people for donations and there are only so many coats, and although we can’t afford big marketing campaigns to bring in the donations, we still have our passion to save the lives of those hurting by providing the materials they need. We deal with the poorest of the poor.

So to anyone reading this, I would like to ask you to contact everyone you know to try and get us more winter type clothing to hand out at the Survival 13 event on Saturday, November 30th.  Also I would like to ask everyone to say a special prayer for us that we have enough materials donated to stop even one death from  happening from the lack of life-saving material this winter in our community.

We will take in donations for the Survival 13 event, starting on Monday, November 25.  From 9am till 5 pm, we will have someone at the warehouse at 723 Tracy downtown.  Also on Saturday, the day of the event, we will be taking in donations of cooked food between 8am and noon, for Kansas City’s biggest pot luck dinner. We do have a way of warming food.  Also if you would like to donate your time that week, go to our web site at and find out how to sign up to help.

Finally, I would like to ask those that can help us by providing monetary, tax-deductible funds to help us put on this event, to go to our web page at and donate through PayPal, which we have set up, or to send a check to Care Of Poor People, 3606 East 12th Street, Kansas City, MO  64127.


We are still in need of winter materials for Men, Women and Children and Monetary Donations

Coyote Bill I would like to thank you and the owners of the Hideout Bar and Grill personally for all your Hard work putting together all of the acts to play at the Forth Annual COPP Benefit last night. Those bands every one of them played… out their hearts, which I’m sure everyone that was their would agree. This is a thank you note for them to, thanks to their work we raised around 500 dollars, but just as important we had about half of that truck that Planet Aid donated to us full of winter typed clothing. As you’re aware the Survival 13 event will be on the 30th of November, and I hope those that attended the event last night comes down to watch us giving out the materials we collected at the Hide Out last night. We still have a long way to go as far as coats and blankets, with all of the various agency’s holding coat and blankets drives it really hard to get enough coats to cover all of the homeless brothers and sisters needing help this time of year, I’m sure we will see an increase in the numbers of people showing up at our event on November the 30th. So with that I would like to ask all those that attended last nights event to call all their friends and family’s and ask them if they have coats and blankets in their closets that they would like to donate to COPP Inc to help us save lives this winter? WE will be open at the warehouse were using at 723 Tracy starting Monday November 25th from 9am till 5pm taking in donations of materials for Men, Women, and children that whole week, on M.T,W,F,and the morning of November 30th till noon, also on Saturday November 30th from 8am till noon we will be taking in pot luck dinner items to feed our guests starting at noon. If anyone would like to volunteer to help us by volunteering go to our web site to find out how too, Also if any one would like to help us by making a tax deductible donation please gp to our web site and you can use pay pal on our site at I would like to thank everyone ahead of time for your help Richard G Tripp director Care Of Poor People.

Clothing Drive and Fundraiser Saturday November 16, 2013

Special Event Fundraiser, Saturday November 16,2013 3pm till ? Hideout Bar and Grill 6948 North Oak Gladstone MO
Coyote Bill and his band along with several other bands from Kansas city, will have a fund-raiser  and clothing drive for COPP INC  On Saturday November 16.
We will have a truck for clothing donations set up in the parking lot, we could use your help in helping us fill it up with winter type clothing and hygiene articles that will be given out at the Survival 13  event on Saturday November 30,2013 at the warehouse at 723 Tracy downtown Kansas city MO.
We will also be using the warehouse at 705 Virginia Hope Faith Ministries, as they are helping us co-host the event this year. The directors of COPP INC and the director of Hope Faith Ministries met and decided they could reach more of the metros poor and homeless by working together to save lives this winter by working together to help Kansas city’s poor and homeless obtain the materials they would need to survive on the cold streets, in the alleys, and old dilapidated buildings, and under the bridges.
Why were collecting materials in the parking lot Coyote Bill and the other bands will be collecting tax deductible monetary donations inside the hideout bar and grill. We would like to thank Coyote  Bill and the other bands and   the owners of the Hideout Bar and Grill for their help, this will be the third year they have done a benefit for us.
The money generated at this fund-raiser will be used to pay the bills at the survival 13 event, we are a little 501c3 org that relies mostly on the funds that come in from ordinary people, we do not get money from the government nor do we have big companies that provides big grants for us, so every cent we take in at this event will be used to pay for  the event Survival 13 event. By the time we pay for materials and insurance and other operations of the event it costs us around 6 thousand dollars, so you can see we could use a lot of monetary donations to keep the events going. No one at  COPPINC  org makes a dime their are no salaries. So if you can make a tax deductible donation please do
Also starting on Monday November 25 we will be taking in donations of clothing and hygiene articles at the warehouse at 723 Tracy from 8am till 5 pm all week. and if you need to drop off donations on thanksgiving you can drop them off at hope faith ministries at 705 Virginia, just put survival 13 on the bags and they will get to