Sometimes We All Need Prayer, And God Knows COPP Inc Does Now

My heart is breaking like never before? I’ve always been able to figure out how to get a building downtown to do my survival events, I mean after three decades of doing them I THOUGHT I HAD ALL THE BASES COVERED.

Another FACTOR TO THE STORY OF NOT DOING it is the lack of funding, we are a little 501 that rely basically on funds given to us through the public we do not get government grants nor would I take them if they were offered. Once they get involved then its like you sell your soul, and they own you.

Another problem is COPP has been like a big family everybody figured out what their job was at an event and did it. So you might say we had the best leaders in the community, but people started retiring and moving out of town not to mention the ones that have died that made COPP something to be proud of.

Just in the last month we have had three members die, including my daughter. Just last night Vera Isenberg the mother of one of my brothers John Isenberg passed. I OFTEN CALLED HER MY MOTHER FROM ANOTHER BROTHER. One of the finest lady’s you would ever want to meet, I’ll miss her coming out of her office giving me a hug whenever she saw me, and she always had a smile on her face. We might loose another lady of the COPP family Tuesday. She is George Arnold’s wife Diane Arnold one of our kitchen chefs for years

Then there’s that other problem my health, bad is not the word for it, but I promise everyone reading this I will continual to fight for my brothers and sisters on the streets and their rights until their isn’t any life in this body, and also make sure they get what they need to survive.

The Homeless and Poor are under attack

The Homeless and poor are under attack by the powers that be from members of our city council trying to pass ordinance 140412 this Thursday. Care of Poor People along with other civic groups will be doing a press conference this Wednesday at 1130 am at 12th and Homes in downtown Kansas City MO.

If you have ever helped us over the years would you please attend this news conference, we need each and every one of you to help us defeat this ordnance.

Spring Break Event 2014 Pictures

Help Us Help The Poor And Homeless Spring Break For The Poor And Homeless

Spring Break”– Stand Your Ground 2 Event”

In many ways the event will be like all the other spring break events we have had over the years, we will be feeding and giving out summer type clothing and hygiene materials to Kansas City’s poor and Homeless brothers and sisters, along with musical groups with live music.

The difference in the event is were asking all the different groups that feed and clothe the poor and homeless in our community to join us in solidarity to do the same thing, to feed and clothe those brothers and sisters needing help at this event. It is our hope that we can send a strong message to those in power , that the homeless and poor have those that will stand up for their rights. As well as our rights to do the right thing when it comes to helping those in need.

For those that are from a religious background, we are taught from childhood in our religious texts what the right thing should be when we deal with those that are hurting , all of the religious texts mention how we should treat our poor and homeless brothers and sisters, for instance the Bible, Torah, and Koran, as far as that goes, even the Egyptian book of the dead mention’s how the poor and homeless should be treated.

I personally believe that weather your religious or not you know in your heart, what’s the right thing to do when it comes to dealing with your poor and homeless brothers and sisters, you just have to listen to that small voice inside your being.

At the present what we have is a lot of different people stating what regulations and laws they would like to see passed on the poor and homeless, and how those of us that try to make sure they are treated like human beings and are not dyeing on our streets by providing what it takes for them to survive are a detriment to them seeking long term care , and the majority of those talking are those that might have a vested financial gain in the process

Rather it be particular businesses that would like to see the poor and homeless disappear from their area, or particular homeless shelters that think they might have more money and services donated to them if their able to stop the public from feeding and clothing those on the street personally, or the city fathers that may see homelessness as a way of collecting more revenue for different regulations and permits they come up with.

When you talk about regulations or laws to change the way a certain class of people are treated, that will affect their rites, and the rites of those helping them, one thing you might think about is to put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself, what if it was me? Would I be able to accept this law? And the one thing you should remember is, that even though they may be homeless, their still human beings. In America many laws have been passed over the years, many that took away the rites of those in our communities that the administrations in power at the time, have decided they needed to make laws to govern them?

Unfortunately many of those laws have been passed because of greed, usually because of the politics of a certain city, state , or national policy of the haves and have not’s. Across America today so many cities are passing laws that deal with the poor and homeless , that you have to ask yourself is, how can these laws get passed ? I personally believe the majority of the laws get passed because were so busy with our own problems that we don’t have the time to worry about our brothers and sisters problems because were so busy trying to survive ourselves, and we don’t get involved till it touches us directly and usually by that time it’s too late , and the law is already written. For Instance , In Louisiana today I read a story about a deer hunters group, that donated and paid for 1600 pounds of deer meat to be processed by a professional meat company, and they donated it to a shelter to feed their poor and homeless brothers and sisters, over 8000 dollars’ worth of meat. Now all over America we have hungry people that would love to have that meat, people that actually are eating out of dumpsters , older people that are poor , actually buying dog food to survive, and yet the state of Louisiana actually went to that shelter opened all the packages of frozen meat and put them in the trash and poured bleach on the meat so animals wouldn’t eat the meat. Not because the meat was tainted, but because the state had some kind of law that shelters couldn’t feed anyone deer meat, and rather give it back to the hunters that donated it to the shelter, they decided to destroy it. That is one of the reasons for the Stand Your Ground Event, to show our political leaders in our community that we will not stand by and watch laws like that happen in our city.

Why some laws or regulations might seem understandable? Like sending people to harvesters to take classes on food preparations, or having a police officer on duty when you’re giving out food or clothes and materials to the poor? The problem is those regulations would put undue hardships on those trying to take care of those hurting in our community, most people along with most small not for profits simply do not have the extra funds it would take to pay for the extra regulations. Not to mention, they have helped those hurting in our community for years without these types of new regulations. Ask yourself this question? Should those helping the poor now, just give up and let the poor and homeless on the streets freeze for lack of warm clothing in the winter, because they don’t have the funds to pay a police officer to stand by why they feed and clothe those hurting on the street? I personally think not.

I would like to ask all those who agree with me to sign up to help us at the Stand Your Ground Spring Break Event, on Saturday April 19 2014, at the Scottish Rites Temple , at 1330 E Linwood in Kansas City MO between 8am and 4pm.

Upcoming “Stand Your Ground” Event

On Saturday, April 19, 2014, Care Of Poor People Inc. will be having the “Stand Your Ground” event. If you are involved with feeding and clothing the poor of Kansas City on our streets, I need your help. Our right to help the poor and homeless is under attack. This concerns every citizen in our community that cares about their brothers and sisters on the street. It is hoped, that we can bring together enough of the various organizations and individuals to show in solidarity that we are not going to just stand by and let laws get passed, that are detrimental to the poor and homeless of our community .

In America, laws are passed in local municipals, state, and federal government laws that hurt or changed a person’s rights to live and prosper. The bureaucrats need to know your organization and the average person cares about the rights of the poor and homeless and our right to help them. There are many towns that are passing laws limiting your rights and also make it illegal of giving food and materials to those you see in need. How can the poor and homeless be helped enough to survive?

Our city fathers or certain individuals feel shelters is the only way to keep the homeless off the streets. If we cannot help support them, where is the money to house and feed the homeless? There are over 15,000 homeless in Kansas City area while there being 2,500 beds in shelters. Working with and once living as a street person, I can say many homeless persons would never enter a shelter. A lot of those shelters are worse than some of our prisons in this country. Except in prisons bedbugs are not a problem.

Please join care of poor people and trying to make a difference for those in need and are hurting in our community this coming Saturday, April 19, 2014 “Stand Your Ground” event . Don’t let the systems take away your rights to help the poor and homeless. If this happens, what is next? I truly believe it is necessary to “Stand Your Ground.” This is , Richard G Tripp Director of Care of Poor P Inc.