Future of COPP Programs

Will I got my fishing trip done. Only caught a few fish, but the trip and time on the lake gave me a since of renewal. I had time to think about the work we have done over the years with the poor and homeless of our community. And time to think about where we want to go in the future with the programs we institute to help those hurting in our community.

It’s time for change, why I have been proud of doing my COPP’S events twice a year, and saving lives, and uplifting the spirits of those hurting, in today’s world that is simply not enough.

On Monday May 3, 2010 we will have our first ever Fund Raiser for Care Of Poor People, at Johnny’s Tavern in the Power and Light District, from 3pm till 530 pm. In conjunction with the wish list foundation and Pearl Jam. We hope to see you all down there for the fund raiser and silent auction.

I spoke of change? The first 3 changes we would like to make in our programs are:

  1. Open a pantry that is open all year around helping people with food and clothing, and basic housing needs.
  2. The COPP Shop, which will be a garage that fixes minor car problems for those that are in desperate need at keeping their cars running for employment purposes, to stop them from becoming homeless due to transportation problems.
  3. On our web site, we will have the best referral service for those in our community that need to know where to go if they’re in trouble and don’t know where to start for services all they need to do is check our web site to find out where to look.

In addition we will continual the Survival events, and Spring Break Events annually.

Naturally it will take several different actions to make these changes. For funding we will need several grant writers to help us, if you would like to help us in this department? Please give us a call.

Spring Break Event Lifts Spirits

Thanks to my community we were able to have a great celebration for those hurting in our community that usually don’t have much to celebrate. I saw a lot of laughter and smiles from our guests, not to mention our volunteers that were serving the poor at the Spring Break Event.

You can all check out the pictures on this site to see those that were hurting having a good time thanks to you, my brothers and sisters, that decided to roll up your sleeves and make a difference in our community. I personally need a break for a few days, before I have to get busy planning the event that really saves lives in our community the Survival 10 event which will happen on Saturday November 27, 2010.

While Spring Break lifts their Spirits and lets them know someone cares, the Survival Events actually makes sure they can make it through the winter so we can lift their spirits in the spring. For a lot of them it will be a hard winter, and what ever comforts we can provide to help them survive is very appreciated.

I would like to take a moment and ask you to speak to your friends, churches, temples, clubs, employers and ask them to invite me to come out and let your groups know how they might be able to partner with Care Of Poor People to make a difference for those hurting in our community this winter I will be happy to speak to any group just give me a call at 816-920-6119 or my cell at 816-918-9239 or you can email me at Richardgtripp@yahoo.com but for now my friends.

Spring Break Outreach Event Just 32 Days Away

April 3, 2010 is the date, 32 days from now we will have the Spring Break Outreach event at 3244 Main in downtown Kansas City. We have many obstacles’ to overcome this month to make the event a success. Naturally funding is a big concern, and we are in desperate need of funding at the present time. Let me give you an idea of where the money goes?

Tables, Chares, Clothing racks, Grills, Coffee Pots 1400

Portal Potties 400

Trash Compactor 200

Over flow Circus Tent 1200

Police Officers for Security 450

Transportation to and from the event for the poor and homeless 400

Total 4,050

Tack on another $3000 for goods we have to purchase, like food and trash bags and some hygiene materials etc… Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I know that everyone is tapped out right now, with the Haiti problems and now today I hear about another earthquake and my heart goes out to these other country’s, but at the same time I’m trying to focus my attention on those hurting right here in my community. We are a tax deducible 501c3 so your donations are deductible and we can use every dollar you can spare,. We try to get a lot of this material donated but the truth is although we get a discount on some of the items no one has just donated the equipment it takes to do the event in the 20 years we have been doing the event.

The majority of the funding we have received over the years has been from the religious sector of our community, and the general public. We get no government grant money and no one on the staff of care of poor people gets paid a dime for the work they do. Everybody including myself is a non paid volunteer. I would like to ask those reading this blog to take several action steps for us this month to help us with this spring break event.

  1. If you can make a financial gift please do, no matter the size, every dollar counts
  2. Please download the flyers off our site and post them at your work, religious institutions, and clubs and hand them out.
  3. Go online and help us by spreading the word on the social networks and the online blogs events notices.
  4. If you have a band talk to other bands and see if you all could get together and do a fund raising event for us

I know if my community comes together like in the past 20 years we will make it work.

Spring Break Event 2010 a Week Away

Our next event is Spring Break 2010. We need alot of help to make this event happen on April 3rd, 2010. The event is being held at 3244 Main Street, in downtown Kansas City, MO. Please visit our volunteer page to see how you can help. A special thanks goes to Rick Kappa, owner of ABC Storage, for allowing us to use this facility.

Disaster Help Needed in Our Community

As we prepare for the 20th year of making a difference for those poor and homeless brothers and sisters that for what ever reason are hurting, things haven’t changed much since COPP INC was started?

Except today we have more people hurting than ever before, which makes our job more important than in the past. Today, hundreds of those that has helped us in the past with material donations and monetary donations, are now finding themselves in need of help. With the state of the world today with events like the Haiti earthquake happening, I fear donations will become even harder to come buy for our outreach to the poor and homeless right here in our own community. Over the last month, I have spoken to several of our supporters that have provided us aid and materials. They reported back to us that they were sorry but could not help at this time. They had shipped most of the materials that usually get donated to help our poor and homeless brothers and sisters in the Kansas City area to Haiti for their disaster relief efforts.

With that being said we need your help to collectively make this event happen. We are in desperate need of our own form of disaster relief material drives going on right here in our community, for those hurting here in the metro. In many cases, the supplies we need are the same as those hurting in Haiti. People in our own community need your assistance to survive. They have no one else to ask for assistance, but you. They have no dignitaries to do massive campaigns to raise money and materials to help our needy to survive. So, I’m asking you, and every one in this community to help secure the money and materials at our 20th Spring Break Outreach Event on April 3, 2010. Please contact your Friends, Religious Institutions, Employers, Clubs, and Community Leaders about our cause.

And while things look bleak, I can remember other times in the past when things really looked bleak for us, like with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort when people were sending what seemed at the time like the majority of monetary and clothing donations to New Orleans. I can remember the anxiety I went through at that time, at the prospect of not having the material to take care of those hurting that were counting on COPP INC here in our community. You see I forgot one thing? All the worrying and anxiety I was having wasn’t going to change anything, for you see I finally figured out that it wasn’t me in control, but rather our father in heaven in control. So I’m going to cast off all of the self doubt I might be having at this time in myself and my earthly understandings, of what’s going on in our world and put my faith in GOD and the miracles he can make happen through each one of us making a decision to be a part of the greater good around us.

God Bless you and yours.

Looking Back on the First 20+ Years of COPP Inc

Sitting here at my desk I’m thinking about the New Year and what lies ahead. It seems like just yesterday when I decided to make a difference for those hurting in our community. But when I look in the mirror and see all the lines in my face and the blond hair that has now turned white for the most part, I realize I’m not dreaming. It has been 20+ years since COPP INC became a reality, and in that 20 years we really have no way of knowing how many lives COPP has been able to touch. But ladies and gentleman I can assure you that COPP isn’t done making a difference in our community. We are just getting our second wind so to speak. But I would like to remind you all that I and the COPP team can’t do it alone. It takes the whole community to make the magic happen. So if you haven’t been involved in helping us help the poor and homeless why don’t you make a New Years Resolution to get involved in 2010?

Donations of financial assistance is always needed, but it’s just as important to donate your time and minds. If you see where that financial assistance is going first hand, then you will know that you are really giving those down and out a hand up instead of just a hand out. There are a thousand different ways you can get involved. It doesn’t have to be a cash donation. The most valuable donation you can give is your time. We need people to help us spread the word about what were doing and our needs via the internet, your religious groups, civic clubs, schools, colleges,etc. The more people learn about us the more people were able to help. I am personally ready to go to any group and speak about our history and how we expect to make a difference in the future of not only our community but other communities across our nation.

Well, I don’t want this message to be too long so let me stop now and wish you all a Happy New Year!