COPP Letter

Hello Dear Friends, Sponsors, and Contributors. Today begins a new era of the COPP legacy envisioned by Richard G Tripp, whereas Richard’s son Keith L Tripp is now President and Director of COPP and his daughter Dawn Tripp Williams is now Secretary and Director of COPP.
As many of you know our father Richard G Tripp passed away in March due to complications of lung cancer. We have taken over the operations of COPP and are planning an event in Kansas City, Missouri in November. However in order to achieve this we are requesting help. We have researched the previous years of COPP events and while we have had several generous donations during that time frame we are in dire need of assistance in the form of monetary and donated goods at this time. We are currently operating from a budget of three hundred dollars which severely limits our ability to serve the needs and well being of the poor and homeless in Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding areas.
The COPP event scheduled for November will be a tribute and memorial to the memory and generosity of Richard G Tripp who organized and directed COPP in direct support of the poor and homeless in and around Kansas City, Missouri.
Anyone who would be interested in donating their time, financial resources, or products and goods should contact (COPP) Keith L Tripp at 417-461-4372 or (COPP) Dawn Tripp Williams at 417-366-9372. All other inquires can be mailed to (COPP) at 126 Lilly Lane, Clever, MO, 65631.
Keith L Tripp
Dawn Tripp Williams

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