Announcement Location Of Survival 13 Event

Richard G Tripp Octobers Blog Things are starting to fall in to place, for the Survival 13 event for Kansas City’s Poor and Homeless brothers and sisters, the event will take place on Saturday November 30, from noon till 4 pm. In today’s world you have to be flexible due to the economy and funding […]

Time to start collecting materials for Survival 13

Will it’s time for me to really get motivated to motivate my community into helping those that are hurting in our community that are  just trying to survive. That’s really what our survival 13 event will be about. Over the years we have been able to help I’m sure hundreds of those hurting in our […]

Please Read And Help Us Spread %The Word

There’s a storm building daily across America that will affect every man, woman and child that calls this country their home.  Some have been feeling the effects even as it approaches.  Some of the ingredients in making that storm so devastating are rising unemployment along with elimination of the opportunity of many full time jobs. […]