Sometimes We All Need Prayer, And God Knows COPP Inc Does Now

My heart is breaking like never before? I’ve always been able to figure out how to get a building downtown to do my survival events, I mean after three decades of doing them I THOUGHT I HAD ALL THE BASES COVERED. Another FACTOR TO THE STORY OF NOT DOING it is the lack of funding, […]

The Homeless and Poor are under attack

The Homeless and poor are under attack by the powers that be from members of our city council trying to pass ordinance 140412 this Thursday. Care of Poor People along with other civic groups will be doing a press conference this Wednesday at 1130 am at 12th and Homes in downtown Kansas City MO. If you have ever […]

Help Us Help The Poor And Homeless Spring Break For The Poor And Homeless

Spring Break”– Stand Your Ground 2 Event” In many ways the event will be like all the other spring break events we have had over the years, we will be feeding and giving out summer type clothing and hygiene materials to Kansas City’s poor and Homeless brothers and sisters, along with musical groups with live […]

Upcoming “Stand Your Ground” Event

On Saturday, April 19, 2014, Care Of Poor People Inc. will be having the “Stand Your Ground” event. If you are involved with feeding and clothing the poor of Kansas City on our streets, I need your help. Our right to help the poor and homeless is under attack. This concerns every citizen in our […]

16th Annual Homelessness Marathon

Today was my 65th birthday and to celebrate I did something that most people just think about, yesterday I was on a television and a radio broadcast that was broadcast around the world. It was called the 16th annual Homelessness marathon. Take a listen to the broadcast.