Future of COPP Programs

Will I got my fishing trip done. Only caught a few fish, but the trip and time on the lake gave me a since of renewal. I had time to think about the work we have done over the years with the poor and homeless of our community. And time to think about where we […]

Spring Break Event Lifts Spirits

Thanks to my community we were able to have a great celebration for those hurting in our community that usually don’t have much to celebrate. I saw a lot of laughter and smiles from our guests, not to mention our volunteers that were serving the poor at the Spring Break Event. You can all check […]

Spring Break Outreach Event Just 32 Days Away

April 3, 2010 is the date, 32 days from now we will have the Spring Break Outreach event at 3244 Main in downtown Kansas City. We have many obstacles’ to overcome this month to make the event a success. Naturally funding is a big concern, and we are in desperate need of funding at the […]

Spring Break Event 2010 a Week Away

Our next event is Spring Break 2010. We need alot of help to make this event happen on April 3rd, 2010. The event is being held at 3244 Main Street, in downtown Kansas City, MO. Please visit our volunteer page to see how you can help. A special thanks goes to Rick Kappa, owner of […]

Disaster Help Needed in Our Community

As we prepare for the 20th year of making a difference for those poor and homeless brothers and sisters that for what ever reason are hurting, things haven’t changed much since COPP INC was started? Except today we have more people hurting than ever before, which makes our job more important than in the past. […]

Looking Back on the First 20+ Years of COPP Inc

Sitting here at my desk I’m thinking about the New Year and what lies ahead. It seems like just yesterday when I decided to make a difference for those hurting in our community. But when I look in the mirror and see all the lines in my face and the blond hair that has now […]