COPP Letter

Hello Dear Friends, Sponsors, and Contributors. Today begins a new era of the COPP legacy envisioned by Richard G Tripp, whereas Richard’s son Keith L Tripp is now President and Director of COPP and his daughter Dawn Tripp Williams is now Secretary and Director of COPP. As many of you know our father Richard G […]

Richard Tripp Director of Care of Poor People

Richard Tripp Director of Care of Poor People passed away on Mar 2,2016 due to complications from cancer. However the Care of Poor People legacy lives on. Richard Tripp’s son Keith L Tripp has been named President of Care of Poor People and will continue to support and honor the goals and achievements of Richard […]

Help Us Help Those IN PROVERTY

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We are starting Kansas City’s First Homeless Newspaper Do you have experience in the newspaper trade? We are seeking people that are seeking a challenge in developing the: Kansas City’s Trip News Kansas Cities Poverty News and Views We are asking your help in publishing the first Kansas City’s Homeless Newspaper. Our community […]

Working With Other Group To Hand Out Donations Of Materials

On Wednesday, November 26th, Voices Of The People, will be handing out winter materials for Kansas City’s poor and homeless. It is our hope at COPP INC, that if you have new and/or used items you can donate and hand them out on the 26th. In so doing, it would be the same as what we […]

Please Help Us Help Them

To my brothers and sisters at Unity Of Overland Park , And All Others That Has Helped Over The Years. I realize I haven’t been able to visit you lately, and you may think I’ve fallen off the end of the Earth? I assure you though that is not the case. I have had many things […]

Care Of Poor People Has Lost A Great Supporter

Vera had the type of attitude you do not see in most people, she would get up every morning and go to work, not too long ago she had a car run into her and broke several bones in at her back and other parts, but still she was back in the office working not […]